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DUMBAGS - smart weights! Soft, Safe, Kettlebell and Dumbbell alternative. Kettlebells and Dumbbells are great - but Dumbags are awesome. 

Coming from a family of Fitness Fanatics, with 2 qualified Personal Trainers, and many friends and colleagues in the Fitness Industry, we started developing and sourcing a lot of  Fitness Equipment directly ourselves.

We found there was a need for something smarter than Kettlebells and Dumbbells - particularly for Group Training. Before Dumbags were invented there were only Dumbbells and Kettlebells to lift weights. Our original aim was to let people increase and decrease the weight they were using within seconds. Dumbags are the only weight system that allows you to do that. What we hadn't originally anticipated was that our unique design would provide so many other awesome benefits. Additional benefits such as overcoming the loud noise, danger, and general awkwardness associated with lifting and transporting bulky metal weights, such as Kettlebells and Dumbbells.

Perhaps inspired by the sand from nearby Brighton Beach, our hard working team combined our fitness and business smarts to create Dumbags … Smart Weights.

Dumbags designers are Michael Coates (Personal Trainer and Successful Corporate Businessman) and his two sons, Chase Coates (Personal Trainer and VFL Australian Rules Footballer) and Blaine Coates (VFL Australian Rules Footballer).

Michael also supplies Personal Training Equipment direct to Gyms, Personal Trainers, and Sporting Clubs (& online here of course) and Chase runs a personal training business in bayside Melbourne called Chase Fitness. Blaine is near completion of a business degree.

Kettlebells are great, its just that Dumbags are better. Whether you’re a personal trainer, a weekend warrior or you simply want to lift a few weights after work, we’re sure you’ll discover Dumbags is a great new way to work out and get stronger. They work for us.

If you want to know more about us individually we have some more detail on our “About Us” page at www.dumbags.com as well,

Thanks & Cheers

Michael, Chase, and Blaine