Best 26 minute Workout Ever!

Posted September 17 2013

The Best 26 minute Workout/CHALLENGE!!

Do it anywhere, anytime, & just with your own bodyweight.

It is HARD! But you will love it. (I can’t claim to have come up with it myself by the way)

The basics:

-          Grab a timer and work at 90 seconds of exercise/activity and take 45 seconds rest (take 60 sec if you need it), and continuing for the 26 minutes.

-          Each set has 4 exercises, and you do each set 3 times.

-          Put 2 markers 5 metres/yards apart.

-          The Outline is below:

  1. 5 metre/yard Sideways crab crawl with push up at each end (90 secs)
  2. REST (45 secs)
  3. Prisoner Jump Squats (90 secs)
  4. REST (45 secs)
  5. 5 metre/yard Forward & Backward, Bear Crawl (90 secs)
  6. REST (45 secs)
  7. Lunges – left foot/right foot but any variety OK (90 secs)
  8. REST (45 secs)

Do that 3 times.

Try to write down, or keep a track, of how many reps you do of each exercise and beat or maintain that the next time through.

Good luck.

(and remember, if you want it a bit harder - throw or drag some dumbags whilst doing your crab crawls and bear crawls and hold on to some dumbags while doing your legs!!)