Eating and Diet Tips

Posted July 17 2013

Basic Eating Tips


  1. 1.      There are no miracle diets and magic pills.  They are a waste of time and waste of money.  The key is just basic nutrition and common sense that makes the difference.


Below are some “KEY” Nutrition Principles for you to focus on, and how to “GET LEAN”. 
Depending on how strictly you adhere to the principles will determine how well you go in reducing your fat stores.  Please feel free to query anything you don’t understand or seems different to what you have historically thought. 
I have put some explanation under each principle stating the logic behind the “Why” and in order to educate you to avoid other information that does the rounds. 

Please note that these tips have primarily been put together by a colleague of ours Neale Trollope* (the founder of “Heavy Haulers”) and myself. I am obligated to let you know that we are not qualified dieticians nor nutritionists, but we are simply passing on tips that we have found to be effective over the years.
(*see more about Neale at his website: )

I am confident you will see results when you implement these basic principles and I guarantee you will lose centimetres and feel less bloated.

1.       Drink water – A glass of cold water before every meal

Drinking cold water prior to a meal is an easy way of burning additional calories as your body has to warm the cold water up in processing it.  It also helps with hunger and observing better portion control when eating meals and keeps your hydration levels stable.  Water assists in metabolising fats, keeping joints lubricated, keeps you regular, controls body temperature and believe it or not has been linked as a strong factor in reducing heart attack risk

2.       Eat 5-6 well portioned meals per day – Whilst Achieving a “Negative Calorie Balance”

Eating regularly helps moderate calorie consumption via better portion control, keeps blood sugar levels constant meaning insulin levels are kept low which assists in fat burning and stimulates our metabolism.  We also want to be achieving a “Negative Calorie” balance each day in order to utilise our fat stores the energy deficit that occurs when you consume less energy than you burn each day.  However, too drastic a shortfall in energy intake will trigger our “Starvation Mode” response which will see the body preserve its fat stores and convert “Lean Body Mass” into energy which is the opposite of what we want to achieve.  So, we still need to eat to lose fat.

3.       Never skip breakfast

In order to kick start our metabolism, breakfast is a must.  Breakfast means “Break the Fast”.  It’s the longest time we go without food.  It is a must but try to avoid supposedly “Healthy Breakfast Cereals”.  There are none.  They’re all full of sugar. 

Oats, Muesli (without wheat bran or too much dried fruit), eggs, Fresh Fruit with Raw Nuts, Quinoa are all good suggestions for a healthy breakfast

4.       Cut out bread and pasta for 5 weeks

Virtually ALL Breads, Wraps & Pasta contain refined flour which causes our blood sugar levels to artificially spike.  This means excessive insulin is released and therefore the fat storage process is activated.  Virtually all breads contain Vegetable Oil, (Canola, Sunflower, Safflower etc) & Soy Flour which are no good for us either.  Alpine Bakeries make a good Spelt and Sprouted Grain Bread.  Be wary of “Gluten Free” Breads as they have lots of other additives that are not great either.

5.       No soft drink, juices, energy drinks etc

Believe it or not, you’re getting wheat & corn when you’re consuming these products via “Glucose Syrup” and “High Fructose Corn Syrup”.  Once again this is artificially spiking our blood sugar levels promoting fat storage.  They are also full of plenty of other additives and nasties that are not helping your body-fat levels.

See our separate posting about the fantastic book “Sweet Poison”, and how evil some of the sports drinks and fruit juices are.

6.       Eat quality “Whole Foods” e.g.: Pick it from a tree, dig it out of the ground or freshly killed, it’s a “WHOLE FOOD” with no additives like wheat and corn

By eating “Whole Foods” we eliminate the intervention of Food companies and their preservatives.  Organic is also the preferred option as this really eliminates the build-up of toxins and ensures you’re eating season fruit & vegetables.  Supermarkets Fruit & Vegetable departments are full of artificially ripened produce in order to provide it all year round.  This causes degradation in the quality of the produce

7.       Eat “Quality Butter” instead of margarine or butter spreads

We want to avoid vegetable and margarine, & butter substitutes contain vegetable oil.  Quality “Grass Fed” dairy in the form of butter is a much healthier option than margarine.  Saturated Fats are NOT the enemy the food industry has made them out to be.  The excessive consumption of vegetable oil in our modern diet has seen an imbalance in the levels of Omega 6 fatty acids vs Omega 3 Fatty acids 

8.       Forget “FAT FREE”

If they took the fat out, what do you think they replaced it with???  SUGAR!!  Many so called “Diet” products are as high and in some cases even higher in calories.  They’re just lower in fat.  FAT FREE is such a promotional spin and the fitness industry is guilty of perpetuating this myth.  Sure calories count, but a diet comprising of healthy fat is essential to good health and, believe it or not, Fat Burning. 

When the body is getting it’s nutrition in the right form and quantities, it will let “FATS” be used for energy as it feels comfortable it is not under threat of starvation*. (see posting on Diet Myths!!)

9.       Limit your alcohol days

Alcohol completely stops the “Fat Burning” process.  The body cannot store alcohol.  When alcohol is present, all food consumed will be sent to our fat stores.  Whilst we are trying to reduce our body-fat levels, keep your alcohol consumption to 1-2 days a week.  Also, the more we drink, the more poor food choices we make and portion control goes out the door.  No-one is immune. 

10.   You must eat to lose fat – NOT EATING IS NOT AN OPTION!!

To lose fat we must eat regularly to keep our blood sugar levels steady and keep insulin release low – moderate.  Not eating is the worst thing you can do if fat loss is your goal.  This triggers our “Starvation Mode” response which sees the body protect its fat stores and erode our lean body mass converting it to glucose (energy) and therefore lowering our metabolic rate.  This is the exact opposite to what we are trying to achieve which is,

o   Speeding up our metabolism via “Lean Body Mass” (LBM) increases (achieved via strenuous exercise)
o   Speeding up our metabolism via frequent eating and the correct consumption of Lean Protein and Fibrous Carbohydrates & good quality fats
o   Low - Moderate insulin  release which promotes the right environment for Fat Burning

11.   Enjoy One “Cheat Day”Per Week

When we observe a calorie controlled eating plan achieving a daily “Negative Calorie Balance” in order to lose fat, a key hormone known as LEPTIN declines over the course of  the week. Leptin is the key hormone all of our other dietary hormones respond to.  When Leptin levels decrease by around 50%, Leptin will trigger the body’s “Survival” response. 

The good news is, that by being a bit naughty, and eating a high calorie meal of fat and your favourite carbohydrates, you actually restore your Leptin levels over the next 12-24hrs priming your body to another week long phase of Fat Burning via your 5-6 healthy portion controlled meals each day.

We hope that helps, and as always, if you want any more information or are not sure about anything please let us know.


The Fitwell Team