Kettlebell Alternative - Better than Kettlebells.

Posted September 25 2014

As we said – Kettlebells are good. They have played a part in helping millions of people get fit. As good as they are, they have some serious drawbacks.

Drawbacks? What drawbacks?

Well here is just a few:

  • Safety: Dropping or banging a Kettlebell on any part of your body can cause serious injury.
  • Noise: Kettlebells make a huge amount of noise when dropped.
  • Damage: Drop a Kettlebell on any timber or tiled floor and that surface will be irreparably damaged.
  • Limited Range: You can only hold one kettlebell at a time.
  • Difficulty changing sizes: To change sizes you needs lots of weights on hand – particularly if training groups.
  • Expensive: even a basic set of Kettlebells costs many hundreds of dollars, even thousands of dollars, and cost even more to transport.
  • Limited exercises: There is a limited number of exercises you can do with Kettlebells .
  • Difficult to Transport: It is extremely difficult to move Ketlebells around, by their very nature they are heavy and cumbersome.
  • Dated Design: Their design has been the same for hundreds/thousands of years.


Dumbags not only solve all those problems but offer so much more!

In simple terms, “Dumbags” are sandbags, of various sizes and weights, designed for use in fitness and personal training environments. They are designed to be a safe, adaptable, and practical alternative to hard/metal based weights such as dumbells and kettlebells.

Their slimline design allows you to hold more than one at a time, which means you can increase or decrease your weight in seconds. Use a Dumbag together with other weights, eg Barbells, Powerbags, Dumbbells, Resistance Bands – anything!!

Dumbags really are Smart Weights. Mix them. Stack them. Pack them. Throw them.

Dumbags are a completely new product, for the health and fitness market. As simple as they appear there is still nothing like this on the market.

Dumbags are the smartest (yet simplest) weights system ever developed.

Simple yet brilliant.


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Michael Coates